Gloss Boss - Quick Detailing Spray Review

Gloss Boss - Quick Detailing Spray Review

So for the past few weeks we have been testing gloss boss from EZ car care which people has been saying this is the best quick detailer on the market so we thought we would see what all the hype is about and put the product to the test.

So demo vehicle for this review will be a basalt black 996 Porsche 911 turbo.

So we started as normal with pre wash snow foam then we moved on to wash the 10 year old German beast with a premium car soap we ensured this had no wax contents to ensure we can see the results just from gloss boss.

Now the car is clean we used a large drying towel to dry the car again not using any spray waxes or drying agents in case this added a level of gloss therefore giving gloss boss unfair results. Now really the car could of done with a clay bar going over it but I picture this product to be used for quick washes instead of full details as if you had the time I cant imagine you would need a quick detailer.

Now the car is dry it was time to start using gloss boss from the 1st spray we was pleasantly surprised with the smell and the good spray trigger.

We worked 1 panel at a time spraying a light mist on the 1st panel then wiped with a plush microfibre cloth and then was shock as it smeared and left a horrible finish almost like you've made a mistake and picked up wheel cleaner instead of a quick detailer then we flipped the cloth and buffed and BOOM an instant wet look panel with extreme levels of gloss then we done every panel this way and stood back with amazement the car looked like it had about 5 coats of premium wax on it this car also had painted wheels on it and gave the same results on the wheels as the body, this product was also very good at hiding small scratches and light swirl marks due to the gloss levels achieved.

We had this product on one of our cars and after a couple of days the gloss level probably dropped by approximately 30% then actually lasted between weekly washed and then topped up each time after every wash.

Overall we found EZ car care gloss boss to be the best quick gloss option out there we also used this on a fully detailed car we done as a wax primer and then added 3 layers of wax on top and we would happily say it was the glosses results we have ever seen ! We think this product is a must of any car cleaning enthusiasts or any show car

This is by far the cheapest and fastest gloss option we have ever come across results really have to be seen to be believed I really can't tell you how fast and easy it is to do !

If you have any questions contact us and we will help the best we car or contact the EZ car care team

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