The Journey

The Journey

EZ Car Care was founded in 2015 by Darren & Kevin Fleury a father & son partnership. It was built from our Passion for Detailing and is aimed at both the enthusiast and professional alike, providing an extensive chemical range with a consistently expanding array of accessories. The journey certainly had some bumps in the road which moulded us into the brand we are today. 

The beginning

In 2015, EZ Car Care was a start up business trying to gain a foothold in the detailing industry. We started with a very compact range of products, our very first being Supercharged, a highly concentrated shampoo. The adventure began on Facebook with one aim in mind; get our products into the consumers’ hands. We have always had confidence that our products would excel and surpass expectations, especially from an unknown brand which has just broken on the market. 

EZ Car Care was working from a 1,500 sq ft farm shop in High Lane, Stockport which we called our first warehouse with only 3 members of the team Darren, Kevin & one member of staff. We worked 7 days a week & every hour of the day to build a brand which, today, our customers love. Interacting with our customers on a personal level, listening to feedback and developing the brand to suit market sectors directly from consumer feedback all enabled us to resourcefully invest into fast growing categories, catapulting our brand into the eyes of the industry professionals quickly. 

It was at this stage that we knew that the brand and, most importantly the products, had a huge demand. We started to look for investment opportunities. Early in 2017 saw the introduction of investor and now company Director, Mason Lennick. Mason, who was already a successful businessman saw the opportunities in the brand and at that point, Halo Autocare Ltd was incorporated. Halo Autocare is the company of which EZ Car Care is a trading name. 

We began brainstorming and developed a business plan to push the brand forward. The first step was a new facility. In April 2018 EZ Car Care moved to Hyde to a beautiful 5,000 sq ft unit, a much needed upgrade from our farm shop beginnings. This enabled us to buy more stock, improve our logistical systems and employ more staff. 

The move attracted new staff, one who has had a great impact on our journey is Harry Myres, our Head of Visuals. Harry is responsible for all the creative work including label design, pictures and videos. That year saw another great addition to the team, Chris Riley. Chris’ role was sales and marketing and now he runs his own team within the company. The warehouse team excelled with its core members too. Jamie Allen, Lewis Williams and David Staniforth all of whom hold pinnacle logistical and manufacturing roles today.

Our facility in Hyde also allowed us to expand our chemical range, introducing products such as Voodoo & Fusion. The most important aspect was the space which it provided to bring accessories on board. Kevin has excessive experience with product sourcing and with the investment from Mason, we could now purchase via the container load at the correct price and specification. Our expansion begins. 

There were a few crucial moments in our success in Hyde, one of which was our Ceramic Wax. Developed and formulated by Kevin Fleury, with months and months of R&D we knew we had created an absolute gem! We launched the wax on our discussion group and at trade shows. It soon got into the hands of big retailers and especially attracted the attention of Euro Car Parts. 

The business began to grow rapidly, from that small family run car care brand to a business with corporate relationships. The continued demand for products from both the consumers and professional detailers began to put strain on our production and storage space was soon running out, again! At this point we searched for a solution, an inline bottling line that was capable of producing 500,000 bottles per month. Of course, this would not fit into our 5,000 sq ft unit in Hyde so the search began once again for a new home. 

Our Expansion 

In January 2020 EZ Car Care moved to its new HQ in Stockport. A 20,000 sq ft facility with a separate office block to hold our customer service, sales and media teams, complete with board room, directors offices’ and most importantly a custom made laboratory. We now also have two huge warehouses. One to house our pick, pack & storage facility and one to manufacture our chemical range, bringing those wacky ideas made up in the lab and scaling up to full fledged production, ready to be bottled and labeled. 

The move to our new premises allowed us to take delivery of our brand new custom built bottling line. This is a fully automated four head filling and capping line, complete with a wrap around labelling system. This is how we produce our product today. A long way away from the old days in a farm with a jug! Our new machinery allows us now to ramp up stock, increase availability and now look to a distribution programme across the globe. 

Warehouse 2 otherwise known as Innovation Chem is where all of our manufacturing takes place. The move has now allowed us to make every EZ Car Care product inhouse and also increased the demand for our private labelling services  with other industry well known brands. Our products are born from innovation, pushing the boundaries of the car care industry and developing the next best thing. We are proud that in July 2020 our Graphene program was launched after being successfully dispersed into a hard carnauba paste wax.

The innovation never stops and the boundaries are endless, we believe that the car care industry is on the verge of something spectacular, we hope that you continue to follow us on our journey as we strive to bring the best car care products to market. Thank you to all of our customers both past and present because without you, we wouldn't be here today and this journey would have not begun. 

Here's to the next chapter. Darren, Kevin & Mason.