Bucket & Grit Guards

With the outward appearance of a high-speed propeller, a grit guard is an essential item for getting rid of grimey impurities in your wash buckets.

At EZ Car Care you can browse a car cleaning bucket safe in the knowledge that your wash cycle will be sparklingly clean. The neat, radial design - with raised leg and spiralling slats - sits at the base of your car wash bucket, effectively sifting through the silt and debris so it doesn’t transfer back onto your mitt.

A common mistake with hand washing is to let dirty particles recirculate; the motoring equivalent of a dirty bath. The simple mechanism of the grit guard bucket promises a safe swirl and scratch-free wash, so you won’t see any unsightly streaks on your paint surface.

If you’re looking for a car wash bucket with grit guard, then look no further than our simply, efficient range here at EZ Car Care - you’ll truly struggle to find better value!

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