Kit Includes:
  • 500ml New Graphene Quick Detailer 
  • 50ml Graphene Car Wax
  • 50ml Graphene Alloy Wheel Wax
  • 2 x EZ Worx Microfibre Cloths 260gsm
  • 2 x 4"Inch Circular Wax Applicator Pads


If you're looking for a quick detailing spray that can offer you a beautiful glossy finish and unrivalled protection, then our Graphene Quick Detailing Spray is the perfect product for you 🙌

Formulated with a generable Graphene dispersion, our goal is to push innovation within our field 🧪

With both wetting agents and hydrophobic polymers, this spray will leave behind a silky smooth, reflective finish and a resilient, protective barrier ✨

Features and benefits:

✅ Durable protection
✅ Beautiful gloss finish
✅ Fast & efficient

Our revolutionary lab technicians at Innovation Chem have been able to disperse a pure Graphene substance into our incredible carnauba wax formulation. A soft butter like wax with polymers and wetting agents with the added boost of Graphene. 

Combining all the these raw materials we have been able to create a wax like no other. The water behaviour is incredible with tremendous beading and sheeting.