CHROME, HIGH GLOSS SPRAY WAX WORTH £10.00! The easiest way to achieve a high gloss shine and protection.

FUSION, ULTRA HYDROPHOBIC SPRAY SEALANT WORTH £15.50! An ultra hydrophobic vehicle protection sealant with an impressive durability of 3-4 months.

GLOSS BOSS, QUICK DETAILING SPRAY WORTH £9.50! If your paint is ever lacking gloss, simply spritz the panel with gloss boss and buff for a wet look gloss finish.

CERAMIC WAX EXTREME, SPRAY WAX WORTH £19.99! Our Ceramic Wax Extreme Spray Wax offers all the amazing properties of our best selling Ceramic Wax Extreme, but in spray form.

WHEEL ARMOUR, ALLOY WHEEL SEALANT SPRAY WORTH £14.00! Wheel Armour will create a tight seal to your wheels surface and provide protection to your wheels from brake dust and contaminates.

GHOST, HYBRID SPRAY SEALANT WORTH £18.00! Featuring a complex blend of polymers alongside a hybrid wax additive, Ghost will create a strong bond to your vehicle’s paintwork and offer fantastic durable protection.

LOTUS, HYDROPHOBIC WINDOW & GLASS CLEANER WORTH £10.00! Lotus helps water glide from the windscreen and glass surfaces without the continuous use of windscreen wipers.

CERAMIC WAX EXTREME WORTH £24.99! A beautiful, butter soft ceramic wax with extreme beading, sheeting and protection. Durability will be at least 6 - 8 months on a well maintained vehicle.

LUSH BUFFING CLOTH WORTH £3.50! Lush has a deep microfibre pile that gives that luxury feel when removing waxes. It is also perfect for spreading quick detailing sprays and then buffing to a high gloss shine.

THE WORX MULTI PURPOSE MICROFIBRE CLOTH X2 WORTH £5.90! The Worx is a go to cloth for all of those hard tasks where a premium microfibre would be wasted.

BLACK CIRCULAR WAX APPLICATOR WORTH £4.00! The perfect applicator for applying our Ceramic Wax Extreme onto your vehicle’s paintwork!