Ceramic Wax EXTREME! - £24.99, 50ml

A beautiful, butter soft ceramic wax with extreme beading, sheeting and protection. Unlike other ceramic waxes on the market, this is pleasant to use and extremely user friendly. Developed over the last 12 months by the boffins we lock away in our laboratory, this takes ceramic waxes to the absolute extreme.

SI02 Ceramic wax Original - £24.99, 50ml

Introducing the EZ Car Care SI02 Ceramic Wax. A high T1 carnauba & microcrystalline base packed with SI02 & polymers. This special blend offers unbelievable gloss levels whilst leaving the surface so slick, water sheets and beads superbly.

EZ Car Care - Graphene Wax - £40.00, 50ml

Our revolutionary lab technicians at Innovation Chem have been able to disperse a pure Graphene substance into our incredible carnauba wax formulation. A soft butter like wax with polymers and wetting agents with the added boost of Graphene. 

Combining all the these raw materials we have been able to create a wax like no other. The water behaviour is incredible with tremendous beading and sheeting.

EZ Car Care - Graphene Alloy Wheel Wax - £40.00, 50ml

This wax is the latest development of graphene technology, it shares all of the same attributes and benefits of the graphene wax but with added temperature and chemical resistant properties to help it withstand the ‘high traffic’ use for wheels and exhausts.

Worx Microfibre Cloth 250gsm - £2.95

The Worx is a go to cloth for all of those hard tasks where a premium microfibre would be wasted. its the perfect solution for those mucky door shuts, engine bays and tasks. its not just a one trick pony. The Worx is also fantastic for the removal of ceramic coatings, sealants and waxes because of its short pile.

  • Size 16x16" (40x40cm)
  • Weight 270gsm
  • Short pile - perfect for ceramics
  • Machine washable

4"EZ Black Circular Wax Applicator x2 - £4.00

Perfect for full even spread when applying your wax you the panel work.