The Seal & Shine Kit - EZ Car Care

Kit includes:
  • SI02 Ceramic Carnauba Wax - Durability will be at least 6 - 8 months on a well-maintained vehicle - comes in a 50ml pot.
  • Synthesis - Hybrid Paste Sealant, Synthesis is the perfect duo. Its sealant base and wax properties give this hybrid a real place in your detailing arsenal - Size: 150g 
  • 2x Black Circular Wax Applicator Pad - Size: 95mm x 10mm
  • The Lush - Premium Korean Microfibre Buffing Cloth 500gsm 16x16.
  • The Works - A Microfibre 80/20 blend of polyamide and polyester weighing in at just over 380gsm