Gentlemans Club - Luxury Carnauba Wax

Gentleman's Club Wax - Blended using the finest grades of pure T1 carnauba along with specially formulated wetting and gloss agents, Gentleman's club will leave your car with a dripping wet, glossy finish!

If you're into your beading, this is the wax for you!

Durability: 3-4 months 

Scented with a classy and unforgettable aroma, evoking memories of sultry midnight dancing, beautiful girls and private booths. A bit of Blue for the lads, Plenty in the tank sir! If you know, you know!

Applying this wax is one of easiest waxes we have formulated to date. Apply to a panel at a time and leave to cure for 5-10 minutes. Buff away with a clean microfibre cloth. For best results: fully decontaminate and apply two coats

Size: 50ml