Gloss Boss - Montan Show Wax - 50ml

Introducing the EZ Car Care - Gloss Boss Montan Show Wax.

  • Montan & T1 Carnauba Blend
  • Rich in Natural Sourced Oils
  • Super High Gloss Show Finish

The Ultimate in Show Wax,  it's made from high grade modified Montan Wax. Gloss Boss Show Wax is made from a blend of Montan, T1 carnauba, Natural Oils and Gloss Boosting Additives. 

This special blend offers unbelievable gloss levels whilst leaving the surface so slick, water sheets and beads superbly.

Presented in a beautiful 50ml pot with clean cut branded lid.

This is one of the most high gloss finish waxes we have ever witnessed. 

Durability will be at least 3 - 6 months on a well maintained vehicle