Convertible Roof Care

Has your convertible roof started to look tired? As the crowning glory of your car, facing the elements at high speeds, it’s not unusual for colours to fade or even algae to slowly build up. That’s why EZ Car Care have done extensive research into convertible roof cleaner, and created solutions that work adeptly with all types of fabric, bringing an untouched car lot freshness back into your car.

What’s inside convertible top cleaner?

For those with a scientific mind, our Hydro Guard convertible roof treatment is a heady fluoropolymer-based brew: a liquid protection system that’s tough on stains while simultaneously leaving a hydrophobic coating to repel any future lashings of water, sleet, hail etc. As climates can vary wildly, there are also UV inhibitors to stop any intensive sun rays discolouring your soft top shell.

How to get the best out of convertible top cleaner:

Firstly, mask off your hood from the body to create a targeted, isolated area ready for a thorough cleanse. During the pre-washing stage - when you’re armed with a combination of pump sprayer, foam lance, trigger gun etc - dilute according to instructions; then apply to the fabric and simply leave to work it’s grime-blitzing magic.  

Finally, spray the Hydro Guard protection over and always leave to dry before driving off - after this final lap, you’ll be left with a gleaming dry finish.

So if you’re ready to reverse the clock and have a superb convertible roof, shop our soft top cleaner today - with our highly competitive prices it’s hard to refuse!

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