Graphene Alloy Wheel Wax

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Graphene Alloy Wheel Wax

This wax is the latest development of graphene technology, it shares all of the same attributes and benefits of the graphene wax but with added temperature and chemical resistant properties to help it withstand the ‘high traffic’ use for wheels and exhausts.

The base makeup of this wax is a compilation of microcrystalline waxes known for their high temperature resistance combined with a curable resin system, synthetic oils and polymers.

Added Benefits:

Whilst graphene is an incredible strong material we have also found benefits that include the reduction of heat, so that water spotting is much less likely, even compared to ceramic coatings, that actually retains the heat.

Bird droppings come off with ease, without damaging the coating, unlike ceramic coatings. Those are two examples of what sets this product apart from any other product on the market.

The temperature resistance that comes with our graphene formulation helps with durability when alloys heat up from consistent brake usage.

Graphene Alloy Wheel Wax can protect your wheels for 4-6 months depending on usage.