Detailing Sprays

Like great motor engines themselves, when it comes to detailing spray, pace and efficiency are key indicators that you’re buying quality. And here at EZ Car Care our range of high gloss spray car wax and full-scale gloss kits are fast-acting, meticulous and will rejuvenate your paintwork in no time.

Making the most of your car detailing spray:

As the supreme waxing substance, it should come as no surprise that we include carnauba wax in our solutions: it’s the source of the luscious glossy look all motorists are after.

Our formulas also contain a variety of wetting agents and enhancing polymers, essentially a neutral, risk-free blend that scours, treats and shines in one spray car wax solution.  

With a quick detailer spray, you can truly speed through your cleaning cycle: spritz or mist directly onto bodywork - moving panel by panel - using an EZ microfibre cloth to create a hazy surface effect. Our High Chrome high gloss spray car wax might require some cure time before you finally begin buffing to perfection.

Time-saving, efficient and stylish, there’s an abundance of reasons why EZ Car Care’s detailing spray is a great product - why not check out our incredibly competitive prices too!

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