Iron Fallout Remover

At EZ Car Care we pride ourselves on creating easy-to-use formulas that work rapidly against the most stubborn layers of grime - none more so that iron oxide particles, or iron fallout. Here our Reigning Iron solution is an advanced reactive fallout remover, with proven versatility across all materials, paint surfaces and wheel trims.

What is iron fallout?

Under the microscope, you’d see that iron particles have extremely rough edges - which is how they embed themselves sneakily into car paintwork. They can come from a number of sources: excess from railroad tracks, travel airborne from nearby industrial estates, get thrown up by brake dust etc. The point is they cling, expand with heat and therefore enmesh with paintwork; if they remain stuck they can create jarring swirls or scratches.

What’s the best method of removal?

A process that should be repeated a few times a year, an effective iron fallout remover should be applied to a foam pad and wiped across your target area. With our Reigning Iron you should notice the iron contaminants turn purple (sometimes this stage is called “bleeding”), though for speedier results you can use a detailing brush to encourage the solution. As it shouldn’t be left to dry, rinse afterwards and immediately spot the rejuvenated dazzle.

For quality fallout remover that works every time, shop at EZ Car Care today - our prices have never been lower!

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