Leather Care

Leather has always been a symbol of luxury, a sign of superior motoring whether it features on seats, gearboxes or headrests. Though, as car owners well know, the price for luxury is maintenance: and at EZ Car Care we’ve wasted no time in developing car leather treatment that is fast, effective and sensitive to leather’s delicate material make-up.

Versatile, non-greasy with a distinctive leather scent, you’re sure to find something here.

Essential care leather protection tips:

The age-old problem with leather is that its taught surface can perforate and crack or stitch details can come loose, creating a dishevelled look that doesn’t feel right. As such, unique chemical mixtures of saps, natural oils and proofing agents are required to retain its surface.

For the best car leather care, simply add a thin coat of Restore with an EZ applicator pad until no trace of the product can be seen. Then, using a microfibre buffing cloth, polish until you’ve achieved your sought-after sheen - a natural matte finish free from any unpleasant masking agents.

Whether through perfectionism or just a particularly grubby surface, you can also repeat the process, but be mindful of any overworking or heavy scouring of the surface: a cautious, even approach to car leather protection is always best.

So for fast-acting car leather cleaner and conditioner for luxury upkeep, shop here at EZ Care Care. Maintenance has never been easier with our very cheap prices!

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