Paint Glazes

What is car glaze?

Often seen as an optional detailing choice - or brushed over as a perfectionist’s hobby - at EZ Car Care we believe car glaze is absolutely essential to creating a superb glossy wet look.

Not to be confused with a polishing wax, car paint glaze is more of a ‘shine enhancing’ agent. Actually applied after polishing, its chemical compound of oils and wetting agents means that light reflects more evenly, and thereby restores a gleaming reflective surface.

Guide to car paint glaze application:

At EZ Car Care we love improving and outperforming the accepted ways of car care. That said, our car glaze products don’t simply add surface sheen; we’ve also added protective agents to act as a hardy sealant against road grime.

For application - and this will differ slightly if you’re applying manually or with machine finishing pad - the best approach is to apply a coin-sized drop on an applicator pad and rub into the surface one small patch at a time.

You’ll need to leave the car glaze to haze and bond for around 15 minutes (maybe less in warmer months). And if there’s any excess residue, just buff off using a light, absorbant EZ microfibre towel.

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