Paint Correction

What is car paint correction?

It’s no secret that paint correction can be an arduous; it’s effectively a retouching process that aims to correct any blemishes in your paint work. Defects are numerous, and can come at the hands of marks, oxidation, acid rain etching, little scratches and even bird droppings.  

Naturally, the passionate motorist wants to get rid of them, which is why at EZ Car Care we’ve developed brilliant solutions for treating your paint quickly and sensitively.  

Guide to correct car paint repair:

Car paint has three main layers: a clear coat, an colour coat and a primer, and it’s the top clear coat where you’ll focus your cleaning attention.

Prior to corrective work, a thorough decontamination is needed to loosen debris: this can be done through quality panel cleaners, used to cleanse polish residue from the surface. Next, a quick all-over scouring with a clay bar will remove any stubborn bonded contaminants. These preparatory steps mean that any later sealants or waxes will bond to the surface.

In later phases, our EZ Glaze is high gloss glaze fused with carnauba wax, which is great for masking jarring swirls and adding a protective layer. The cold hard proof that your cleansing and sealing efforts have been worthwhile is simple: if you see your own reflection, minus any swirls, then it’s been a great success!

So for efficient car paint repair and correction that both preserves and improves browse online now at EZ Car Care - our unmissable low prices are available now!

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