Polishing Detailing Products

Car bodies can sometimes resemble an artist’s canvas: full of swirls, strange patterns, scuffs and occasional scratches. At EZ Care Care we know that as soon as these are spotted, they require firm action, so browse our great array of detailing polisher products here if you want to keep your prized auto’s factory-fresh appearance.

Making the most of our detailing polisher items:

Like everything in the wash cycle, professional car polish isn’t just a final touch for theatrical effects - it’s a vital part of the erasing and adding, washing and sealing processes that define attentive car care. In short, you remove your old worn wax coats and residue first before you apply a fresh solution.

So once you car body has been thoroughly rinsed, and our great sealant and wax remover has efficiently wiped away prior layers, you’re free to use our range of high gloss spray waxes, detailing sprays, carnauba wax infusions and more!

For a natural sheen try out our wax formulas, or if it’s a more protective shield you require, then our paint sealant, applied with a trigger bottle or foam lance, effectively creates a bubble of fresh, untouched elegance around your motor.

Finally, for those special areas of attention, we also stock roof convertible cleaners, applicator pads and much more - for professional car polishing and conditioning products that truly protect and shimmer, you’ll find everything right here at EZ Car Care!

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