Tyre & Trim Gel

Tyres have been at the heart of motor engineering since the earliest days - and they remain a feature that can’t get enough careful maintenance. That’s why at EZ Car Care our tyre dressing cream is an easy-to-use, durable solvent that creates a water resistant and glossy finish. Our tyre dressing is sure to give off a fresh look!

Why do I need tyre dressing?

Clearly, tyres take all the burden of driving: the main contact point for bumps, they’re subject to harsh braking, bumps, road irregularities and all sorts of inevitable wear and tear. In short, they’re the meeting point for almost every contaminant.

Quick Application Guide:

One of the innumerable benefits of a tyre gel or cream is the slick fast-acting results: by coating the surface with an EZ Car Care tyre applicator you should spot a marked difference in no time.

Their chemical mix of gloss enhancers and cross-link agents mean even after a single application on either tyre or trim, you can expect to see a satin finish. But sometimes the glossier the better: and for that extra sheen just continuously layer a few coats of the solution.

So if you’re looking for quality tyre dressing, cleansing creams or trim restorer, you’ll find a great choice online right here at EZ Car Care - it’s hard not to fall for our historically low prices too!

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