Innovation Chem - Private Label Car Care & Detailing Products

Innovation Chem is a chemical manufacturing company specialising in the car care and detailing industry. We focus on formulating innovative products that continue to push the industry forward.

Our latest project is the dispersion of graphene into our products. We are extremely proud to announce that we have successfully dispersed a ground breaking Generable Graphene Dispersion into a hard carnauba based wax, a quick detailing spray and a cream sealant. 

Innovation Chem Laboratory

Private Labelling & White Label Car Care Products

Here at Innovation Chem we offer a private labelling program so that you can start your very own car care & detailing brand or add to an existing range. We can formulate unique products to fit into your current business plan in batches of 1,000 Litres. We can formulate in smaller batches of 200 Litres but this would come at a significantly higher cost.

Private Label Car Care Products

Bottling and Labelling Service

We can offer a bottling and labelling service using our state of the art machinery. We have the facility to fulfil 700,000 bottles per month with our 4 head automated filling, capping and labelling line. Our team also includes inhouse graphic designers for any labels you may require.

Bottling and Labelling Line

If you would like a quotation or samples please contact us