Aqua loop

The Aqua Loop buffing cloth is perfect for the removal of waxes and sealants, it also doubles up as a mini drying towel for those hard reach areas. Twisted loop technology plays a huge part in this towel, with its super soft feel and amazing water retention. Its an all round towel for any detailers product collection.

  • Size 16x16" (40x40cm)
  • Weight 600gsm
  • Twisted Loop Technology
  • Lint-free

How To Use Removing Waxes & Sealants:

Fold the Aqua Loop into 4 and buff away any waxes or sealants on the surface. Flip the cloth over and buff to a high gloss finish. 

Care Instructions:

We always recommend washing with our Fibres Microfibre Wash Detergent, The use of a non dedicated wash product can damage and affect the performance of your microfibre items. This complex formula actively works to breakdown synthetic polymers and waxes found in your everyday detailing products that can cause the delicate fibres to become clogged and reduce the microfibres performance.

Wash at 30degrees and tumble dry on a low heat. 

As a rule no microfibre cloth we sell at EZ will ever contain any annoying tags or labels that may potentially damage your paintwork.