• BFT Drying Towel & Microfibre Wash Mitt Bundle

BFT Drying Towel & Microfibre Wash Mitt Bundle

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EZ Car Care bring to you the BFT, the ultimate in drying towel's.

The GSM weighs in at OVER a hefty 1000GSM and packs pretty impressive dimension's of 24" x 34"

Safely absorbing the water from your vehicle's paintwork, leaving you with a scratch and swirl free finish when washed correctly.

The BFT comfortably holds up to four liters of water at a time, it sure is a thirsty beast!

As a rule no microfiber cloth we sell at EZ will ever contain any annoying tags or labels that may potentially damage your paintwork.

EZ Car Care- Microfibre Wash Mitt

High quality Microfibre wash mitt made from ultra fine microfibre that is super soft and perfect for use on all areas of the vehicle.

The microfibre wash mitt offers superior cleaning ability with extra deep pile microfibre strands and coupled with a thick foam core it is able to hold maximum levels of shampoo suds, making for a super safe wash routine 

The microfibre wash mitt is fitted with a elasticated cuff for a comfortable grip whilst in use.

Microfibre Wash Mitt Care:

How to wash:

Rinse out all remaining shampoo suds from the wash mitt ,machine wash at a low temperature and speed or hand wash.

How to dry:

Air dry or tumble dry on a low temperature