Car Jam Coloured Snow Foam

 About Car Jam:

“Can I have a jam sandwich please Mrs. Patterson?”

Love your car, love your jam?

Then why not have the two together, but without the sticky mess!

Car Jam is a must to safely remove all loose dirt & grime on your vehicle, ensuring the safest possible contact wash

We know it smells good, but please don’t use this Car Jam as a substitute for edible Jam!

How to use:

Load up your EZ Lance with Car Jam at a ratio of 1:10. Cover the vehicle in Car Jam (not actual jam), leave for a few minutes to dwell and pressure rinse away ensuring all Car Jam is off the vehicle.

Please ensure to rinse away thoroughly and don't let dry on driveways, patios, walkways etc 

Wear gloves

Not recommended for white/ light coloured vehicles.