Gentleman's Club Kit + Accessories

The Good Ol' Gentleman's Club Range - A classy and unforgettable aroma will flood your vehicle evoking memories of sultry midnight dancing, beautiful girls and private booths.

A bit of Blue for the lads, Plenty in the tank sir! If you know, you know!

Kit Includes:

  • Gentleman's Club - Luxury Carnauba Wax - 50ml pot
  • Gentleman's Club - Luxury Car Shampoo
  • Gentleman's Club - Air Freshener
  • EZ Car Care - Microfibre Wash Pad,Blue
  • EZ 4" Black Wax Applicator Pad


Give your car it's very own happy ending with Gentleman's Club Shampoo.
Bathe your car in a super slippery lust juice and stand back and marvel at the results of your very own special hand job. With a scent that will make the neighbors wonder if you've opened the boom boom room in your garage!


*All Bottles are 500ml in size.