Hydro Guard 2.0 - Fabric Water Repellent

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About Hydro Guard 2.0:

Hydro Guard 2.0 is our revolutionary fluoropolymer based protection system, created to help repel stains on fabrics.

It provides extreme water and oil repellency on many fabrics and is also excellent at resisting dry soiling and colour transfer.

Hydro Guard 2.0 can be used on interior seats and carpets, as well as creating a hydrophobic protective barrier on convertible roofs.

Features and benefits:

✅ Creates a hydrophobic barrier

✅ Designed to repel stains

✅ Easy to use

Notes From The Lab

Hydroguard is a product that was designed to be an eco-friendly version of a fabric protector. Typically, fabric protectors are in an aerosol form, and an approach was made to produce a product that can offer similar protective properties in a sprayable water-based product.

Fluoropolymers present in the formulation will provide hydrophobic properties to the applied fabric once cured. As the most common form of fabric soiling and staining is from soft drinks / juices / caffeinated drinks which means typically water based.

Preventing these from penetrating a fabric can help prevent the build up of stains. Other benefits the fluoropolymers can provide are mild abrasion resistance to slow down the gradual colour fastness of the fabrics.