Lazy Boy Kit - Including Snow Foam Lance

Kit includes:

Citrus - Concentrated Pre Wash

Citrus Wash is a highly concentrated pre wash. Designed to lift dirt, road grime and salts that adhere to the vehicles paintwork.

Citrus can be predominately be used as a pre wash before snow foam or you can add into your snow foam mixture.

Features and benefits:

  • Highly Concentrated
  • Multi use purpose
  • Superb cleaning power


Arctic Meltdown - Advanced Neutral Snow Foam

Arctic Meltdown, an advanced neutral Snow Foam that is best used through an EZ Car Care Snow Foam Lance. Our snow foam is designed to create a thick, rich foam that will cling to the vehicle, softening and removing road dirt and grime.

Arctic Meltdown is Ph Neutral, therefore safe on any paintwork and will not strip waxes, sealants or any protection already in place on the vehicle surface.

Features and Benefits

  • Long dwell time
  • Awesome cleaning power
  • Softens and removes dirt and grime to aid your safe wash process


Deflector Shield - Spray + Rinse Sealant 

Deflector Shield is a concentrated and versatile spray and rinse sealant. If you want to seal your car quickly and easily then this is the perfect product. Deflector Shield is a highly hydrophobic formula, that will repel water and protect paint from UV rays, bird droppings, dirt and grime.

Deflector Shield can be used at different dilution ratios, dependent upon what you require.

Features and Benefits:
  • 6-8 Weeks protection durability
  • Economical
  • Fast and efficient


InstaGloss - Concentrated Wax Additive

Insta Gloss is a concentrated wax additive designed purposely to achieve that instant waxed finish. Instagloss has been designed to be applied via your EZ Car Care snow foam lance for complete ease of use. Instagloss will form a hydrophobic barrier & significantly boost gloss levels in one application.

Achieve that instant waxed finish in no time at all!

Instagloss can also be used as a drying aid

Features and Benefits

  • Easy Application
  • Multiple Uses
  • Fantastic Drying Aid


EZ Car Care - Premium Snow Foam Lance 

The EZ Car Care Snow Foam Lance. A professional snow foam lance for the application of our Arctic Meltdown Snow Foam, Sub Zero Snow Foam and many other products, including our Deflector Shield Polymer Sealant & InstaGloss Concentrated Wax Additive.

Black Lance supplied

Fitments available for The following pressure washers:

  1. Karcher K Series
  2. Karcher HDS Series
  3. Nilfisk Straight Lug Fitting Also Fits - SilverLine, Stihl
  4. Nilfisk Rounded Lug Fitting
  5. Bosch Long Fitting Also Fits - AQT,Makita, Black & Decker, Titan, RAC
  6. Bosch Short 
  7. Lavor Also fits - Qualcast, Vax, Lidl, Aldi, Parkside, Workzone
  8. Kranzle Male 22mm
  9. Bosch / RAC Alternate, Titan
  10. Nilfisk QR
  11. Small Quick Release

All Bottles Sizes: 500ml