• LUXE - Nano Wax

LUXE - Nano Wax



LUXE - Bringing that luxury finish to your paint work you've always wanted to achieve.

The pinnacle in car care waxes with an advanced blend of silane, polymers & nano technology. In turn creating anti static properties via cross linking curable barrier with added scratch resistance. It also has the added bonus of high molecular weight silicone to boost water beading for those show stopping shots!

Application: Apply a panel at a time and leave to cure to a haze for 3 - 6 minutes & buff off. To gain the best results we always recommend a full decontamination process prior to application.

Durability: During testing with extreme high and low ph chemicals, luxe stood up to the mark. With a standard maintenance washes and general care luxe will surpass 6 months. During this time it is safe to top up wit any spray waxes or quick detailers.

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