Mini Series - Wheel Care Kit

When it comes to detailing your wheels it's important to have the correct products to ensure you can decontaminate, clean and also protect them.

Our Mini Series Wheel Care Kit contains everything you need to treat your wheels to a thorough clean and deep clean.

Aurora and Viper are the perfect products to decontaminate your alloys and break down brake dust contamination, salts and general road grime. These two products alone will bring life back into your alloys and ensure they're looking brand new.

Revolution and Wheel Armour then offer the perfect final touch to ensure that your tyres have a deep black finish and your alloys are sealed and protected.

This kit includes:

  • Aurora, Fallout Remover
  • Wheel Armour, Alloy Wheel Sealant
  • Revolution, Tyre & Trim Gel
  • Viper, Non Acid Wheel Cleaner