Nagini - Non Acid Alloy Wheel Cleaner 5 Litres *Limited Edition*

About Nagini
A wheel cleaner with a deadly bite! Nagini is our limited edition non-acidic dilutable alloy wheel cleaner that’s will sink its teeth into to general road grime, obliterating brake dust contamination, road salts and everything in its path!
Safe to use on all wheels. Team this up with our EZ detailing brush and agitate for an ultimate non-acidic wheel cleaner!


Features and Benefits

  • Dilutable  
  • Non acidic
  • Safe on all wheel surfaces
How To Use: Nagini can be diluted up to 10:1 for general wheel cleaning use and neat if required. Choose your dilution ratio of choice and spray liberally across the wheel surface, allow a short time for Nagini to get to work and pressure rinse off.
For heavy or stubborn soiling work Nagini into a cleaning frenzy with the aid of a detailing or wheel brush.
We recommend testing Nagini in an inconspicuous area first