NL-02 Medium Cutting Compound

NL-02 is a medium cutting compound that contains diminishing abrasives to achieve a reasonable cut whilst maintaining gloss levels. Diminishing abrasives slowly break down into smaller particles allowing you to progressively achieve a glossy finish. 

NL-02 is the 2nd stage in our polishing range. If you require a heavier cut use NL-01 if you're finishing and require a very light cut with a high gloss finish use NL-03

Directions of Use:

  • Apply 2-5 peas size drops to a microfibre or foam polishing pad
  • Spread the compound using a low speed and light pressure.
  • Work the specific area using a crosshatch method
  • buff away polish residue
  • repeat from step 1 if required.

Ensure you're always working out of direct sunlight in a clean environment & the panel is cool to the touch.