• The Detailing Addicts EZ Car Care Kit

The Detailing Addicts EZ Car Care Kit


Calling all Detailing Addicts, this is the car care kit for you! We've created this perfect bundle that will make your car glossier than ever with our superb Water Melon Ceramic Wax!

This Kit Contains The Following:

  1. Sub Zero - Snow Foam
  2. Insta Gloss - Wax Additive
  3. Clarity 2.0 - Glass Cleaner
  4. Juicy Melons -  Water Melon Air Fresher
  5. Geo Gel- High Foaming Gel Wheel Cleaner
  6. Sleek - Interior Dressing 
  7. Hydra Soap - SI02 Shampoo
  8. WaterMelon SI02 Ceramic Wax
  9. Green Workhorse Microfibre 
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