The Pro Fundamentals Kit - EZ Car Care

This kit is ideal for everyone who wants a premium high end finish that can be done by themselves with ease! You get the essentials of everything that you need to get a great wash going!

This kit allows car enthusiasts to go to town on their car with all the fundamentals needed to leave an unbelievable finish!


All Bottles are 1 Litre Pro Size.....

Kit includes:

  • Citrus Wash - Pre Wash
  • *Cherry Bomb - Luxury Car Shampoo
  • Clarity 2.0 - Window and Glass Cleaner
  • Geo Gel - Foaming Gel Based Wheel Cleaner
  • Chrome - High Gloss Spray Wax

We find it to be perfect for maintenance washes regardless of when the last one was carried out!

*Limited Quantity - While Stocks Last*

*Any kits which include Cherry Bomb and/ or Reigning Iron will be sent out Ember Luxury Car Shampoo and/ or Aurora Fallout Remover instead, due to Cherry Bomb and Reigning Iron being discontinued.