• The Ultimate Fragrance Kit

The Ultimate Fragrance Kit



All six of EZ Car Care's delightful fragrances in one handy kit!

Cheeky Mango

Cheeky Mango by EZ Car Care, a premium vehicle air freshener.

Grab the lads we're going for a cheeky mango's!

If you dont scale the heat level chart then Cheeky Mangos is the one for you, a clean but ever so sweet mouth-watering, tangy Mango essence.

Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana by EZ Car Care, a premium vehicle air freshener

Fun and sunshine there's enough for everyone....if you share!

A tropical concoction of all things fruity and exotic with a vivid yellow colour and a freshingly fragrant aroma.

Gentlemen’s Club

A premium seductive air freshener from EZ Car Care.

A classy and unforgettable aroma will flood your vehicle evoking memories of sultry midnight dancing, beautiful girls and private booths. A bit of Blue for the lads, Plenty in the tank sir! If you know, you know!

Juicy Melons

Juicy Melons by EZ Car Care, a premium vehicle air freshener

Everyone loves a pair of Juicy melons, Right?!

A wickedly coloured Melon fragrance that's set to encapsulate all things summertime.

A fresh Juicy scent that will leave you craving more!

Sweet Shop

Get your pick & mix bags ready, EZ are taking you to the sweet shop! A sumptuous aroma of all things sweet and sugary.


A gently warming aroma of sweetly inviting vanilla Vanilla creates a welcoming atmosphere with a universally adored fresh scent.