VIper Alloy Wheel Cleaner + Reigning Iron Fallout Remover - 5 Litres

Viper - Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Viper is a non-acidic dilutable alloy wheel cleaner that’s guaranteed to destroy brake dust contamination, salts and general road grime. Viper packs a deadly bite whilst remaining safe on all wheel surfaces.

Team this up with our EZ detailing brush and agitate for an ultimate non-acidic wheel cleaner.

Features and Benefits

  • Dilutable  
  • Non acidic
  • Safe on all wheel surfaces


Reigning Iron - Fallout Remover

Reigning Iron is an advanced fallout remover formula that will remove iron contaminates from your paint work and wheel surfaces.

Reigning Iron will obliterate iron particles upon contact turning all contamination purple upon reaction. Reigning Iron is safe to use on all exterior surfaces including paintwork, trim, glass and wheels.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast Reacting Formula
  • Safe On All Surfaces