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  • Ultimate All Purpose Cleaner

    Our all purpose cleaner (APC) Ultimate is a hyper concentrated solution that power through dirt, grease and grime on any surface. It can be used for many tasks and we love to show its versatility during our tasks here. We've tackled interior fabrics, plastic mats, tyre and trims, bug splats and m... View Post
  • Distribution of EZ Car Care products in Europe

    Here at EZ Car Care were always searching for businesses to help take our fantastic products across Europe. All of EZ Car Cares detailing products are manufactured here in the UK. This gives you peace of mind with our superior quality control.   You’re Not on Your Own. We aim to help you grow ... View Post
  • InstaGloss - High Gloss Wax Additive Review

    I was lucky enough to get one of the earlier prototypes a couple of months back of this product, and my word when I used it I was impressed! My car had a serious lack of cleaning and looking after due to other commitments and the great British weather being against me. When applied it looked insa... View Post