About us

EZ Car Care was built out of our Passion for Detailing and is aimed at both the enthusiast and professional a like, providing an extensive chemical range with a consistently expanding array of accessories. Our ethos is to provide exceptional products with the best customer care and satisfaction; this is what we pride ourselves on.

The range of products spans from snow foams, sealants, waxes and wheel cleaners, providing a one stop shop for all of your detailing and car care needs. At the heart of the business is product testing and development, with each product being heavily put through its paces and tweaked until we've achieved the perfect formulation. To enable balanced testing we have a dedicated internal team and the support of some of the UK’s best detailing companies.

Everything is managed from our 5,000 sq ft HQ in Hyde, Manchester and dispatched via our carrier partners. Should you be old school you will soon be able to come and visit our Superstore.

EZ Car Care doesn't just stop at selling products, the aftercare and community support (Join Facebook group )is second to none, so why don’t you get involved and be part of something great.