There’s no excuse for dirty towels, gritty buckets and lacklustre finishes any longer. Our brilliant selection of car detailing accessories at EZ Car Care covers every phase of the wash cycle, so you’ll never have to settle for second-rate kit again.

Our comprehensive range includes pump dispensers, bucket and grit guards, snow foam lances, alongside a great collection of microfibre applicator pads and drying towels. As the professional cleaning cycle is a blizzard of pre-washing, drying, waxing and sealing - which should be repeated regularly - you really can’t underestimate the importance of good quality detailing accessories.

Cars can be notoriously sensitive too: their paintwork requires cautious treatment, which is why our microfibre applicators use strong fibre threads to safely store and release luscious suds across your bodywork.

And for drying towels? Here, our unique fabric blend of polyester and polyamide can hold up to four litres of water, offering a thirsty, vigorous towel that can sweep across your car with ease.

So if you’re in desperate need of improving your washing routine, look no further than our range of car detailing accessories. Don’t miss out on our low prices!

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