EZ Car Care Laboratory

'Where The Magic Happens'

Having introduced Lab facilities into the business has allowed us to grow from being a white label brand to manufacturing and supplying our own products. We are proud to say every single product in our range has been formulated, tested and produced here at EZ Car Care’s manufacturing facility. Being able to manufacture our own brand is hugely beneficial as it allows us to control the properties of our products and allows us to listen to the feedback of our customers and then revise product lines if needed.

The journey for bringing a product to life in the range can sometimes require multiple hurdles and obstacles to overcome. A typical procedure to launch a new product all starts with an idea. The idea is then theorised with processes and formulations being developed in the lab. Then undergoes rigorous testing including live testing on cars owned by employees at EZ Car Care. Testing is aided by our on-site detailing expert who has been in the industry for a magnitude of time. Once a product meets the required operational needs and has been stability tested, a small scale up trial batch would be run on the manufacturing plant. Important issues for stability testing are temperature effects on formulations, UV degradation, shelf-life testing, microbial growth. Even simple changes such as a scent or colour can affect shelf life from colour fastness to unstable formulations.

Every product that is scaled up from R&D adheres to SOPs, QC Testing, regulatory guidance’s, with material safety data sheets (MSDS) produced for all our manufactured products. Working closely with a large network of raw material suppliers also ensures production and development needs are constantly met with minimal downtime. Other benefits of having close working relationships with raw material suppliers allows us to trial prototype and new raw materials into formulations to bring the best possible version of a product, no compromises. Having also allowed us to innovate with products in our range and incorporate technologies not fully utilized in the car care industry. A product we are proud to have developed over the course of our journey is Quartz – Liquid; our ceramic infused shampoo.

With an experienced technical team with backgrounds from multiple sectors of the chemical industry has helped us branch into personal care and home care products. And so have been able to work closely with other brands and helping them with the much-needed guidance from regulatory to formulation.

Our R&D journey is a continuous one as we will continue to strive to improve existing products whilst innovating and bringing new products into our range.