GTR - Glue and Tar Remover

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GTR from EZ Car Care is the easiest way to remove glue and tar from your paintwork safely.

GTR packs a serious punch with its strong solvent-based formula that will dissolve Tar and Glue contamination upon contact. GTR will also remove glue residues and tar from paint & glass surfaces. 

Features and benefits:

  • Strong solvent formula
  • Fast Acting

How to Use:  
Spray GTR directly onto tar or glue residue affected areas, leave GTR to dissolve and break up glue and tar deposits. Remaining residue can then be wiped away with a Microfibre cloth and rinse thoroughly.

Test on an inconspicuous area before use, do not use on plastics or headlights.

Detailers Tip:

After use apply citrus wash to relieve surface of any remaining oils

Notes From The Lab

Stubborn tar spots can be a pain to remove conventionally. General surfactants do not tend to saponify or encapsulate tar.

Generic solvents can be used but leave the clear coat on the surface prone to damage. GTR specially formulated diluting aromatic solvents in aliphatic solvents, this allows tar to dissolve in the product without damaging the clear coat.

This in turn allows the product also to be used for removing glue deposits or glue residue. As tar and glue are typically hydrocarbon in nature and the GTR product is designed to break down and dissolve it.