Elixir - Polymer Spray Sealant Concentrate

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Elixir, a meticulously formulated highly concentrated polymer sealant, is engineered to deliver unparalleled protection with effortless application. This cutting-edge product provides an intensely hydrophobic finish, leveraging its sophisticated emulsification system to achieve maximum effectiveness on various surfaces such as paint, glass, and metallic surfaces. The culmination of these features results in the formation of a protective film, enabling water to bead and sheet while maintaining optimal durability without compromising the glossy finish.

Indulge in a profound, glossy finish with Elixir, a concentrated sealant that establishes an exceptional hydrophobic barrier. This enduring water-repellent shield fortifies your vehicle's paintwork and glass for a resilient 6-8 weeks when applied to a well-maintained vehicle. A single bottle of Elixir offers an impressive 20 applications, with each application requiring just 5ml.

How to use Elixir:

  1. To be utilised with an EZ Car Care Snowfoam lance.
  2. For the initial application, blend 5ml of Elixir with 500ml of water. Cover the vehicle in a light foam, allowing it to dwell for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and finally, pressure rinse off.
  3. For maintenance washes, mix 2ml of Elixir with 500ml of water and follow the steps above. This process enhances previous applications, establishes a hydrophobic barrier, and elevates gloss levels.
  4. Ensure not to allow Elixir to dry on the surface. Always perform a test on an inconspicuous area before full application.