Fusion - Ultra Hydrophobic Sealant Review

Fusion - Ultra Hydrophobic Sealant Review


On to our product review of EZ car cares newest product FUSION

I'm a firm believer that if your going to seal your car's paintwork that it is done properly, cleaned, decontaminated and machine polished to maximise the bond between sealant and paintwork. And especially a semi to life sealant at that.

But what if you haven't the time or money to achieve protection that detailers offer? There is a solution and we will be stocking it very soon to accommodate our customers budgets.

As a lot of you know we test the odd product for the guys over at EZ car care and it came as a suprise when this bottle of clear liquid appeared one day via the postman.

Our task, to test it in as many different ways as possible. A select few regular customers (with there consent of course) had the chance to have this product applied and the results are as follows.

Initially sold as a spray and rinse sealant can be used as a spray and wipe clear sealant offering amazing hardening results from one coat. It has an ease of use rating from us at a 9 out of 10.

Once fusion is applied you can take the opportunity to wet the car and show off the hydrophobic qualities straight away and can only be described as the closest to ceramic hydrophobia we have seen so far. It's a 10 out of 10 from us!!

Why would you spend out on a permanent sealant now if you can have this new service from us? The answer is the life span. Most spray on sealants boast a few weeks if not two months protection, fusion however will last three to four months with the right prep and application process. Making it a quick fix like most spray on paint sealants although fusion will go that little further for you saving you that little bit more.

So there you have it FUSION the newest and probably the best new spray and rinse sealant on the market to date. We will rate it a 9 out of 10.

Stay tuned to us for details of this up coming sealant service that will let our customers have the same results as our ceramic customers. At a lower price and for a lesser time frame. Ideal if you and your car will be parting ways in the near future.

See the video below for the results.