Private Label Car Care & Detailing Products

Do you want your own car care & detailing brand? We have got your back!

Here at EZ Car Care, we not only develop our own car care products, but we also create and formulate for brands all over the globe. It doesn't matter if you are a start-up business or a multi-million turnover corporation, we can help you design, develop and formulate your brand. 

What makes us a great private label supplier? 

Over the past decade, we have watched the car care and detailing market grow. Our laboratory has been at the forefront of innovation within the industry continuously researching and developing new products and ideas. 

We are super proud of our staff and the knowledge they hold, especially our technical lead chemist, Shah. Shah joined us back in 2020 with a glowing background of chemistry, having obtained a fortitude of technical knowledge in multiple sectors of the chemical industry; ranging from reactive-based chemistry to formulating in-home care, personal care and car care.

Our in-house design team can help with any labelling requirements, all the way through to brand and social development. This can be an important stage as you must abide by the correct health and safety and regulatory labelling standards.

The production of product - We can produce over 350 tonnes of chemical each month from our facility in Stockport, United Kingdom. When you team this capability with our fully automated filling, capping and labelling line, we can produce over 700,000 bottles per month. 

Research, Development and Customisation 

We offer a wide range of 'off the shelf' car care and detailing products that can be used to get new brands going with little development time. These will be formulations that we have used and had approved for some time, passing all of the stability and quality control testing.

These products can quickly be customised by changing the colour and scent. For example; you could use our snow foam formulation and add a blue colour and blueberry scent - It's that easy! 

We don't stop there if you would like to develop a product from scratch or adjust any formulations we have. We are with you 100% of the way, this is what we love to do and our technical lead, Shah will guide you through any R&D stages. 

For more information on private labelling and how we can help your brand. Please email