Geo Gel - High Foaming Gel Safe Alloy Wheel Cleaner

**EZ Car Care - Geo Gel, wheel cleaning gel**
So over the past few days I have been testing this product on various vehicles, all of different dirt levels (light, medium & heavy soiling etc) & the product came good on every occasion, this Wheel Cleaner is not like any other cleaner I have used previously:

1) the product itself actually has a really good smell to it, for being a wheel cleaner
2) the Gel is quite a thick formula (as on some Gel type products it's quite hard to get a Spray top that actually allows correct dispensing of the product however the EZ spray tops seemed perfect for this - so top job on packaging on this one!!)
3) with it being so thick it tends to cling to the wheels/ dirt for longer therefore being more effective in its purpose
4) with very little agitation using a detailing brush it's breaks down ground in dirt build up on both alloy wheels & tyre

5) the Gel doesn't seem to dry onto the wheels when left for a period of time, unlike other alloy wheel cleaners out there, reducing the likelihood of damage/ staining if product is left to dry in direct sunlight etc

**I'm sure there is much more I could say on the product, but overall I would give "EZ Geo Gel" 5/5*