InstaGloss - High Gloss Wax Additive Review

InstaGloss - High Gloss Wax Additive Review

I was lucky enough to get one of the earlier prototypes a couple of months back of this product, and my word when I used it I was impressed! My car had a serious lack of cleaning and looking after due to other commitments and the great British weather being against me. When applied it looked insane, looked like I had spent 8 hours on the car when in fact, I had only spent an hour.

The released version is the one I used today - And in my opinion it's even better than what the original was that I was lucky enough to receive. It's such an easy product to apply - and the spray on, rinse off application of this makes it a dream to use.

To apply I made up only 1/8th of a snow foam bottle as there is no need to make up more (and thus wasting product). I sprayed on and allowed to dwell (as per the instructions) for about 2 minutes or so - Depending on the weather I would change the amount of time this is left to dwell. Today was a pretty warm one so I ensured that this was not left to dry. Please note - leaving it to dry is not recommended.

The other use of this is adding it to a bucket of shampoo - I used Supercharged as this is a fantastic PH neutral shampoo. If you have no use of a snow foam lance then this will work fantastic for you too!

As far as additives go this is by far the best one I've used to date - and I've used several different ones from multiple companies.

Definitely one for the detailing bag and for all you professionals out there - Maintenance washes with this will be an amazing time saver.


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