EZ Advanced Snow Foam Canon

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(Please Note: Our New Snow Foam Cannon comes Pre-Fitted with a Quarter Inch Quick Release Fitting)

Introducing the EZ Advanced Snow Foam Cannon – Elevate Your Car Cleaning Experience!

We're excited to announce the arrival of the EZ Advanced Snow Foam Cannon at EZ Car Care, a breakthrough in effortless and efficient car cleaning. This innovative tool ingeniously combines water, air, and our specially formulated foam detergent to create a thick, clinging foam. This foam acts as a powerful cleaning agent, effortlessly softening, dissolving, and lifting away dirt and grime, far surpassing the capabilities of a standard jet wash. When rinsed off, your car's paintwork is significantly cleaner, perfectly prepped for the two-bucket wash stage. This pre-wash process ensures most of the cleaning is done before any physical contact with the paintwork, greatly reducing the risk of swirls and wash marring.

Why Choose the EZ Advanced Snow Foam Cannon?

Our Snow Foam Cannon isn't just another tool; it's a revolution in car care. Here's why:

  1. Stability Redefined: Say goodbye to the annoyance of a tipping foam lance. The EZ Advanced Snow Foam Cannon boasts a wide base and opening, ensuring it stands firmly on its own. This design not only saves frustration but also protects the dosing bottle's thread from damage – a common issue with traditional lances.

  2. Effortless Filling: Filling up is a breeze. While we still recommend starting with 90% water to prevent premature foaming, the design significantly reduces the mess and hassle of adding your snow foam concentrate.

  3. Simplified Yet Effective Design: We've made subtle yet impactful tweaks to the conventional snow foam lance design, enhancing the foaming process and making it far less frustrating.

Advanced Features for a Superior Clean

  • Customizable Foam Settings: Like the classics, our cannon allows adjustments for mixture and compression. Fine-tune the aeration and viscosity of the foam with the top tap, and adjust the foam's concentration and spread with the nozzle collar.
  • Versatile Foam Fan: Switch the foam fan from vertical to horizontal during use, covering larger areas of your car swiftly.
  • Quick Release Connector: Adding to its versatility, the cannon includes a Quick Release connector, ensuring it remains upright even when you tilt the pressure washer gun, thanks to its 'self-righting' action.

The EZ Advanced Snow Foam Cannon is more than just a tool; it's your partner in achieving that perfect, swirl-free shine every time. Welcome to a new era of car care with EZ Car Care!