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Introducing the Ultimate Car Care Experience: The DOAB by EZ Car Care

Are you ready to elevate your car care routine to legendary status? The DOAB (Detailer's Obsession All-in-One Bundle) from EZ Car Care is here to redefine the way you care for your beloved vehicle. With an awe-inspiring array of 24 meticulously curated products, this colossal kit is a must-have for any automotive enthusiast, professional detailer, or anyone seeking automotive perfection.


  1. Revolution, Tyre & Trim Gel: Restore the shine to your tires and trim with ease.
  2. Insta Gloss, Gloss Enhancing Wax Additive: Unlock unparalleled depth and shine with this wax additive.
  3. Supernova, Concentrated Car Shampoo: Clean and rejuvenate your car's exterior with Supernova's powerful formula.
  4. Geo Gel, Foaming Wheel Cleaner: Blast away brake dust and grime with precision.
  5. Chromance, Hybrid Spray Wax: Achieve a head-turning, mirror-like finish with this innovative spray wax.
  6. Lotus, Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner: Crystal-clear windows and rain-repelling properties in one.
  7. GTR, Glue & Tar Remover: Bid farewell to stubborn adhesives and contaminants.
  8. Ghost, Hybrid Spray Sealant: Shield your car's finish with long-lasting protection.
  9. Gloss Boss, Quick Detailer: Restore that just-detailed shine in an instant.
  10. Gentlemans Club Air Fragrance: Infuse your car's interior with a sophisticated, long-lasting aroma.
  11. Wheel Armour, Alloy Wheel Sealant: Guard your alloy wheels against the elements and brake dust.
  12. Clarity, Window & Glass Cleaner: Achieve streak-free clarity with minimal effort.
  13. Arctic Meltdown, Snow Foam: Pre-soak your vehicle in luxurious foam before washing.
  14. Eliminator, Panel Wipe: Prep your paintwork for the ultimate finish.
  15. Viper, Alloy Wheel Cleaner: Safely remove stubborn contaminants from your wheels.
  16. Ember, Luxury Car Care Shampoo: Pamper your vehicle with a premium shampoo experience.
  17. Fusion, Hydrophobic Spray Sealant: Experience unrivaled hydrophobic protection.
  18. Ultimate, All Purpose Cleaner: Tackle interior and exterior dirt, grime, and stains with ease.
  19. Aurora, Fallout Remover: Eliminate stubborn contaminants and iron fallout.
  20. Extreme Snow Foam: Create mountains of rich foam for a deep cleaning experience.
  21. Sleek, Interior Dressing: Rejuvenate and protect your interior surfaces.
  22. Citrus, Pre Wash: Dissolve tough dirt and grime before your wash.
  23. Extreme Ceramic Wax: Achieve a high-gloss finish with exceptional durability.
  24. Graphene Wax: Harness the power of graphene for superior protection.

With The DOAB in your arsenal, your car will shine brighter, stay cleaner longer, and turn heads wherever you go. Experience the ultimate in car care with EZ Car Care's premium detailing kit. Elevate your detailing game, and let your passion for perfection shine through every inch of your vehicle. Say goodbye to ordinary and welcome the extraordinary – The DOAB is here to make your automotive dreams a reality.