Liquid - The Ultimate Si02 Ceramic Shampoo

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Liquid is the first product to be released from our EZ CERAMIC QUARTZ range which will include a 1 year, 3 year, wheel and glass coatings.

So... What is Liquid? 

This is a ceramic shampoo that packs a serious punch. Our chemists have spent around 2 years researching and developing this ground breaking formulation. We truly believe that we have achieved the ultimate shampoo formula! But, what makes it different from the rest? 

Whilst other infused shampoos on the market are at low concentration levels, offer poor levels of suds, are extremely grippy and offer next to no slip but, most of all, they mainly sheet and do not bead! 

Our liquid shampoo from our new CERAMIC QUARTZ range is a game changer! It offers amazing suds, supreme slip and it beads like you've applied a hard wax or sealant. It is epic! Not only does it contain all of these properties, it is also a super concentrated formulation and we have had great results at dilutions of up to 1000:1. The market standard is around 250:1 and so require you to add the product directly to your wash mitt!

The water behaviour after a simple application of our shampoo is comparable to a dedicated spray sealant all the while offering excellent durability for a one step process. 

We have sent some samples of liquid out to a selection of our customers. Keep a close eye on our social media pages to see the results.