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About Ember

Ember was specially formulated from feedback from customers. The first of our medium-low viscosity car shampoos.

Ember was born from the ashes of Cherry Bomb, which while was a great shampoo it was lacking in a few areas such as transferable suds and lubricity.

The new and revised formula included a multitude of non-ionic, amphoteric and anionic surfactants to create the perfect blend of high foaming, high lubricity, high concentration shampoo. Reducing the viscosity of our shampoos allowed a much more readily dilutable product as it decreased dispersion time in a bucket.

Balanced to be pH neutral whilst containing surfactants that are able to perform in a neutral environment meant it is an ideal product all year round, from maintenance washes to full decontamination processes.

Features and Benefits:

• Anti marring additives

• pH Neutral

• High cleaning power

How To Use:

Once you have completed your pre wash process, simply dilute 1 part shampoo to 250 parts water into your wash bucket and agitate with pressured water to discover some serious soapy goodness!

Wash your vehicle with your chosen wash mitt or pad starting at the top and working your way down to the lower areas of the vehicle.

When complete, simply pressure rinse away any remaining suds.

Detailers tip:

For best results, pair Ember with our Microfibre Wash Mitt.