Sub Zero - Advanced Alkaline Based Snow Foam

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Sub Zero, Citrus infused Snow foam Highly concentrated alkaline based snow foam. Sub Zero will create a nice foam that will cling to the vehicle with an extended dwelling time. Sub Zero will work against road film, destroy greases and oils and pull dirt away from the paintwork in a safe manner. Added anti-mar properties ensure that any potential marring is minimized during this pre wash process 

Sub Zero certainly packs a punch in terms of cleaning power, while remaining safe to existing protection on the vehicle. Continuous use of Sub Zero without topping up additional protection will start to affect lsp.

Features and Benefits

  • Strong Cleaning Action
  • Long Dwell Time
  • anti marring additives

How To Use

Load up your EZ Lance with an inch of Sub Zero, then fill with warm water. Apply to the vehicle ensuring an even coverage is achieved. once complete, leave Sub Zero to dwell whilst it gets to work removing and lifting away road grime and then rinse the remaining foam away.

Detailers Tip:

Ideal for the winter months.

Notes From The Lab

Sub-Zero is a strong alkaline snow foam. Using anionic surfactants, chelating agents and alkalinity modifiers we have developed this product to be able to loosen even the most soiled of surfaces from insect remnants to tree sap.

Surfactants present also lower surface tension on a soiled surface allowing water to remove organic matter such as oils etc. High alkalinity allows the product to saponify any organic matter that has not been encapsulated, and the chelating agents will help to remove/soften inorganic matter present on the surface.

The ideal product for winter washes and heavily soiled vehicles. The product will degrade LSPs slightly over time so is not recommended for sealed/coated cars.

*Always test on inconspicuous area first, not suitable for unlacquered aluminium, chrome and vinyl wrap*