Supernova - Hyper Concentrated Car Shampoo

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Supernova is our most powerful shampoo to date and can be diluted down 2000:1.

However, for best performance, we recommend diluting it to 1000:1.

It features a bespoke well known fragrance reminiciant to a designer feel.

Supernova is an extremely concentrated pH balanced car care shampoo that offers an exceptional amount of suds and cleaning power.

It's also a highly lubricious shampoo which will effortlessly glides across your vehicles paintwork.

Features and Benefits:
  • Dilute 2000:1
  • High foaming
  • High lubricity

Notes From The Lab

Supernova was specially formulated to make a version of our medium-low viscosity car shampoos in a highly concentrated form. This product replaced the old Supercharged product which suffered from similar issues as Cherry Bomb.

The new and revised formula included a multitude of non-ionic, amphoteric and anionic surfactants to create the perfect blend of high foaming, high lubricity, high concentration shampoo. Reducing the viscosity of our shampoos allowed a much more readily dilutable product as it decreased dispersion time in a bucket.

Balanced to be pH neutral whilst containing surfactants that are able to perform in a neutral environment meant it is an ideal product all year round, from maintenance washes to full decontamination processes. Upping the active

content in the product allowed us to be able to use this product at a dilution ratio of 2000:1, whilst maintaining excellent cleaning properties.