Wheel & Tyre Cleaners, Dressing & Sealants

Wheel & Tyre Cleaners, Dressing & Sealants

A breakthrough in engineering, the classic open-spoke design of car wheels makes for a smooth drive. Though these very same spaces bring with them a tiny flaw: they easily trap the kicked-up tides of brake dust, salts, dirt and general road grime.

At EZ Car Care we know that wheels and trims caked dust build-up can pretty much ruin your car’s elegant feel. And not only does it unsettle stylishness, in worst case scenarios, contaminants can bring corrosion, pitting and permanent scratching too.

So think ahead and browse our brilliant selection of wheel cleaners. Our special wheel and tyre cleaning solutions have been developed with a truly sensitive approach in mind; for example, our Viper wheel cleaner is non-acidic, so it still packs a potent scouring punch while remaining completely damage-free on your paintwork.

We’re also pleased to stock non-caustic alkaline tyre and trim gels that work best when agitated with a detailing brush, to create a brilliant, fast-acting foaming effect. And for wheel alloys, our wheel sealant spray offers a durable lasting coat to defend against any waves of road filth, usually offering 4-6 weeks worth of solid protection.

So for a better range of wheel and tyre cleaners, durable sealants, fall out removers and brilliant all-purpose cleaners, you don't have to look much further than EZ Car Care. We cover the full sweep of your wash cycle phases at very affordable prices!

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